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Mitsubishi i-MiEV visits Ottawa, Aug 25, 2010

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

EVCO members came out to 2 events on Aug 25, to see the Mitsubishi i-MiEV that is driving across Canada. One was at Bank Street Mitsubishi, and one was at my home.
Pictures and links to media articles can be found here .
It was great to see a production EV from a major manufacturer!

Gasoline vehicle efficiency 1500 miles per gallon

David French writes:

Electric vehicles are going to have to compete against continued improvements in gasoline vehicles. Furthermore, even if there's a gasoline shortage, vehicles can run on natural gas.

Here's a link to a University of Ottawa team who have designed a car capable of travelling 1,500 miles per gallon:


The good news is that their advanced motor design can be used in a gasoline electric hybrid.

My question is: how are such high efficiencies achieved?

David J. French

Calgary Charging Station

Charging Station with keyed access

Renton shares this:

My daughter lives in Calgary and while out for a walk passed by a new school scheduled to open in September, and noticed the attached. On lifting the cover of the grey box behind, she noted that a key was required for activation.

The Canadian Government and Electric Vehicles

Those interested in following what's being said in parliament about electric vehicles can use a tool that makes finding that information much more friendly:

EV Conversion Ban in Ontario - Lifted!

Updated: As of June 7, 2010, the ban on EV conversions imposed by the MTO since mid February, has been lifted!

Details at website.

Thanks to everyone who took action to pressure the government to repeal the ban!

------Previous post below April 7, 2010----------
Please help spread the word, and
take action!

Members of various EV clubs in Ontario (EVCO, DEVA, EVSC) have been told by the MTO (Ontario Ministry of Transportation) that they can not register their newly converted electric vehicles, and have not been given a valid reason. The MTO has not published publicly any document or announcement about this ban on EV registrations. We are not aware of any successful electric vehicle registrations since Feb 10, 2010. This has also affected a member that tried to register an OEM EV imported from the USA, which is not a converted vehicle.

In memory of Fred Green

Fred Green and his grand daughter, showing his red electric Jetta at EVCO EV Expo 2007. Photo by Allan PoulsenFred Green and his grand daughter, showing his red electric Jetta at EVCO EV Expo 2007. Photo by Allan PoulsenFred was a founding member of EVCO in 1980, and awarded a lifetime membership in 2000.

Article on Aerodynamic Drag

This is a well written article, part of a series on vehicle efficiency. Lots of examples of velomobiles and other vehicles that achieve a low Cd.

EMC Newspaper: Difference between electric and low speed vehicles

Car counsellor Brian Turner replies to a local reader about the confusion around registering an electric vehicle.

Read the complete article here.

Interview 570News Kitchener-Waterloo 5 Oct 2009

E-bikes are now fully legal in Ontario, and Jeff Allan and his listeners wanted to know what e-bikes are, so they contacted EVCO to find out. You can download an MP3 here.

How can an EV travel 100 miles for $1?

A reader asks Treehugger this question:

Dear Pablo: I have read time and again that an all-electric vehicle can use as little as one dollar's worth of electricity to travel 100 miles. How can this be? Electric Power Plants are burning oil to create electricity, and oil is expensive. How do Power Plants convert oil to electricity at a rate that is five times more efficient than a 2010 Prius?

The Answer (at the link below) looks at the Cost of Energy and Vehicle Efficiency.



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