What would you like do with EVCO in 2017?

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Some questions to think about and discuss with each other as we approach the AGM (Jan 30, 2017) and a new year:

- Take a moment to read the EVCO vision statement http://evco.ca/site/about
- Do you support the vision? Does it need updating, tweaking? What would you add? What would you remove?
- What activities did you participate in last year?
- What kind of activities do you want to participate in next year?
- What kind of activities would attract more EV owners/drivers, and people interested in becoming EV owners/drivers?
- How do you want EVCO to evolve and grow as an organization, to advance the vision?
- Do we still need a corporate structure (EVCO is currently a not-for-profit corporation)?
- If so, how does the corporate structure enable EVCO and the membership achieve the vision? Is there ways that the current structure hinders it?
- Are you willing to be on the board and be help be responsible for the corporation? If so, please let us know! If not, why not?
- How else could EVCO be formed/organized to advance the vision?
- Do you attend EVCO’s monthly meetings?
- Do you follow EVCO’s website, discuss list, Twitter feed, Facebook page, or other social media?
- What do you find most useful? What do you wish was different?
- Have you helped generate content and communications on the media that interests you most? Would you like to? What, if anything, stops you?
- Do you share your interest in EVs with friends and family, colleagues? Do people approach you for EV advice? Do you feel confident in answering questions about EVs?
- Are you interested in participating in more EV promotional events, like car displays, car shows, ride & drives, car rallies, race track events, parades? Are you willing to organize such events?
- Are you interested in EV related public policy issues, advocacy, municipal and government engagement for changes to laws, policies, and programs that would enable the acceleration of EV adoption? Are you willing to lead such initiatives?
- Are you interested in EV Charging infrastructure improvements? E.g. Level 2 accessibility in the community, Level 3 for inter-city travel
- Are you interested in EV educational opportunities in schools, universities? E.g. Carleton U Raven’s Formula SAE EV race car, Solar Cars, high school electrathons, middle school solar model races.
- Are you interested in autonomous car technology, like that being demonstrated on some high profile EVs?
- Are you interested in electrification of mass transit busses, trains, trucks, airplanes, boats?
- Are you interested in bicycles with electric assist (a.k.a. e-bikes) to make bicycles more useful to more people, getting them out of their cars more often?
- Are you interested in electric mobility solutions?
- Are you interested in electric and battery powered lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, garden tractors?
- Are you interested in robotics? E.g. robotic vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers
- Are you interested in remote control toys and drones?
- Are you interested in electrification and energy efficiency of homes, eg. Ground Source Heat Pumps, Passive House, battery storage systems, LED lighting?
- Are you interested in clean electricity generation technologies to make EVs even cleaner: solar photovoltaic, wind turbines, geo-thermal, hydro-electric dams, run-of-the river, wave power, tidal power, kite power, concentrated solar thermal towers?
- Are you interested in the advancement of battery and electricity storage technologies? E.g. Lithium batteries and new chemistries, hydrogen generation and storage, flow batteries, LENR.
- Are you interested in “plug-in hybrid” / range extending technologies that enable plug-in EVs with small batteries for daily commuting to be capable of occasional long distance travel using gasoline, hydrogen, or other fuels? E.g. PHEV / EREV cars like the Chevy Volt, Fuel Cell EVs, consumable anode electricity generation (e.g. Zinc or Aluminum), trailers with generators, EV “pusher” trailers built from the front end of a gas car.

These questions sure bring back a lot of fond memories of activities, discussions and presentations we’ve had at EVCO over the years, including this past year.

Please help shape the future of EVCO!

Contact form http://evco.ca/site/contact