NRC/CanmetENERGY Vehicle Emission Comparison Tool

Thanks to Natural Resources Canada, CanmetENERGY department, who recently published an Excel spreadsheet tool for comparing the emissions of various automobiles, including the various plug-in EV models.

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As an example of the output in the image shown, I compared my 2007 Prius to vehicles I'm considering as a possible replacement.

The tool requires MS Excel, with Macros enabled. Enjoy!

Caveat - note that this tool takes into account tail pipe emissions for gas cars, and does NOT take into account the GHGs from the extraction, refinement and distribution of gasoline and diesel. As such, jurisdictions with a high GHG emissions in electricity generation will incorrectly show increases (rather than decreases) in GHG emissions when switching from a gas car or hybrid car to an EV.

Here is a credible study of GHGs due to extraction and refinement:
Provides the following figures (from graphs) for some tar sands in Alberta:
Canada Syncrude Synthetic:
- Extraction creates 200 kg CO2 eq./bbl oil
- Refinement creates 50 kg CO2 eq./bbl oil
- Total Extraction + Refinement = 250 kg CO2 eq./bbl oil
Canada Suncor Synthetic:
- Extraction creates 160 kg CO2 eq./bbl oil
- Refinement creates 96 kg CO2 eq./bbl oil
- Total Extraction + Refinement = 256 kg CO2 eq./bbl oil
Combustion of Gasoline (from text, and graph) = 370 kg CO2 eq./bbl oil
So, compare extraction+refinement to consumption of gasoline: 250/370 = 68% additional emissions to be added to the gasoline tailpipe emissions to account for extraction and refinement of gasoline from Alberta tar sands.
Note that this study does not include distribution (pumping, transport, storage) of gasoline which would push this percentage even higher!

The NRC has been made aware of these additional GHG emissions to take into consideration, but at this time there are no plans to update the tool.