Ottawa EV Day Aug 18, 2016 on Sparks Street, 11am-4pm
EVCO is pleased to be participating with the Ottawa Centre Eco District for their EV Day on Aug 18, 2016, on Sparks Street.

If you don't yet drive an EV, come on out and check out all the great EV's, and learn from your colleagues who are EV owners why they've chosen to say goodbye to fossil fuels! And Test Drive an EV with Plug'n Drive!

If you would like to show your plug-in electric vehicle (Battery EV, Plug In Hybrid EV, Extended Range EV, Power Assist Bicycle) on Sparks Street for the day, please contact us, or the Ottawa Centre Eco District at the link above.

Of course, it's best if you can be there to talk with interested people, but even if you're busy at work during the day, we may still be able to accommodate your car's participation.